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Frazile is a B2B lead generation and demand generation agency helping companies get sales appointments with qualified leads.

Our Process


Understanding your ideal customers

We work with you to define your ideal customer. As part of the brief, we research your target user persona, map it across the digital touchpoints and create a user persona sketch as the initial step.

For eg. we can look into your targeted industry, employee count, titles, the technology they use, the problems they face, who the decision-makers are, and why they would be fascinated by you.

Target User Persona in B2B Lead Generation
Personalized Email for B2B Lead Generation


Personalized outreach that resonates

Once we get a good, solid understanding of your target user persona, we scrape their data and get ready for outreach. We warm up your email domain to get higher deliverability and optimize your LinkedIn profile for better conversion ratios.

Our next step is to create an outreach messaging that resonates with your target user persona. Let’s be real: Your ideal clients are tired of templates. One-size-fits-all messaging no longer works. That is why we reach out with a message that is customized for them. And more than once, because Money is in the follow-up.

Personalized Email for B2B Lead Generation


Omnichannel is no longer an option, it's a prerequisite

In marketing, 7 is the magic number. It is believed that it takes 7 touchpoints or approximately 7 hours of interaction with your business before a prospect can trust you. And surely that cannot be achieved with a couple of cold emails.

We leverage tools & controlled drip campaigns to nurture, educate, and convert more buyers for you. With a healthy mix of automation and personalization, our campaigns drive an above-average response and meeting book rate.

Omnichannel B2B Demand Generation


A/B Testing, Tracking and Optimization

Ideating one great strategy is not enough. That’s why we test multiple target audiences and messaging versions from the first day itself. We keep a track of what’s working and what’s not in order to make knowledgeable conclusions and intelligent decisions.

Continuous optimization is the only way to get better and better results. We strongly believe that there is always a scope for improvement.

Our Results

95% Email Deliverability

(vs Industry average of 70%)

40% LinkedIn Connect Rate

(vs Industry average of 20%)

70% Email Open Rate

(vs Industry average of 20%)

3% Response Rate

(vs Industry average of 1%)

1% Meeting Book Rate

(vs Industry average of <0.5%)

Minimum 4x ROI

(vs Industry average of <2x)

(We can show you these results LIVE.)

Our Clients

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Chadd Bryant
Red Rocket Web Specialists

Appointments scheduled worldwide.

B2B Sales Appointments Scheduled Worldwide

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